Monday, 28 October 2013

Best Wireless Camera With Baby Monitor in Delhi India

Because of the busy schedules of parents, they have to leave their baby alone or with a nanny these days but then also the heart of a parent is always filled with tension if the child is not in front of them. 

So, a baby monitor camera is important which gives you a view of 100 meters and with the night vision now you can be at peace while watching your baby peacefully and this is also helps when you are working at kitchen or busy with guests.


* 2.4GHz transmission 1/3-inch colour sensor: 1280 x 960, 380 TV lines

* Wireless receiver has 2.5" TFT-LCD with 640 x 240 resolution

* Built-in microphone for audio monitoring

* 4 channels optional to prevent signal interference

* Up to 100m (330ft) transmission range in open space

* High-quality color wireless camera with CMOS sensor: 628 x 582

* Horizontal definition: 380 TV lines

* Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux

* PAL video format

* Transmission/Receiving frequency: 2,400MHz~2,483MHz

* Transmission power: 10mW

* Power: Camera: DC +8V Receiver: DC +5V

* Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50 degrees C or +14 ~ +122 degrees F

* Operating humidity: less than 85% RH 

Friday, 27 September 2013

How to Buy Spy software for android phone


Software programs are meant to make our work easier and faster and now these programs are coming in every field so that a job can be done easily with a very little time consumption.  Everything is going computerized and it will not be good to lag behind so everyone is using the software programs which are helping them.
The latest software to come is in the spying department so as to make the lives and work of the spies, agents, private detectives better and safer. It is designed to be used by common people too as in today’s world everyone is facing betrayals and back stabbings from the people whom people think to be their own.


Now, as the cell phone world is dominated by the smart phones it is very luring to own such of a kind and the most wanted is the android operated phones which offers numerous applications and games for its users and is more fun to use. So, Spy software in Delhi is introduced so that it can help us to detect if some is cheating on us. It is mainly used in spouse cheating cases and this has helped many to escape away from wrong relations.
This software program comes with two android operated mobile phones. When one owns it then he will have two cell phones with pre installed software and one has to be gifted to the person on whom we have doubt. And when the person uses the phone the other phone will receive every detail of the phone used by your spouse or partner.  It will include most dialed calls, most received calls, missed calls and all the sent and received text messages as well as multimedia messages. And if you want you will also be able to hear recorded calls through the phone where the software is being installed.


This software has saved many people from entering into fake relationships and nowadays there are so many divorce cases so it is better to be well prepared. Spy software in India always better to late than never, so married couples can easily use this product to check if they are being back stabbed and if so they can have enough proofs for separation and lead a life with someone who loves them truly. And if the couple is still in dating period then it is more better because then they can easily move on and find someone trustworthy and who will love them more than anything else.
So, it is better to use this product and be far away from heartbreaks and this product also clears the doubts and misunderstandings in some cases which is very useful. It also comes in different operating systems such as blackberry, Windows, IOs etc.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Latest Spy Software for Android Phones in Delhi India


We are a software publisher - all software programs we sell are original and signed with a certificate and key.
This product is a monitoring and rescue application designed and developed strictly as a personal security application, to prevent crimes like kidnapping, hostage taking, robbery and as a child monitoring and protection tool.
Android server full edition spy phone software
Life time license - no monthly fees or subscriptions
Works with all android 2.3 and above

Server edition Android software features:

SMS incoming

SMS outgoing

Location GPS and Cellid

Call logs Incoming, outgoing and missed calls

Contacts List and updates

Mobile Phone Information

Room environment recording Stealth 100% in AMR formate

 We Guarantee:

That our software is 100% safe, undetectable and will not effect in any way the normal work of the mobile phone

All software packages are signed and will not cause any difficulties or errors on installation and when working

Software is fully tested and compatible with all Android 2.3 and above

Simplified installation process - whole procedure takes less then 2 minutes

Fll software version - even more features

All features are fully active

Software uses an advance encryption algorithm, using cascade AES – RSA connection between the mobile phone and our server. It is the strongest encryption under tcp-ip protocol to keep your information safe and secure using electronic communications.

Why buy from us:

No hidden costs, buy once and use all listed features as long as you like

All in one – all features active in one simple package everything in a low price

New software compatible with all the newest Android phones

Software fully stable and 100% undetectable

Simplified installation process which takes less then 2 minutes

Easy to use, view all target phone activity on a simple online web-panel from any place any time

It's guaranteed to work in any country in any language.

Proven, 100% undetectable software, doesn't interfere with normal phone work

Stable and reliable phone monitoring software

Saturday, 21 September 2013

How to Choose Best Baby Monitor Camera

With the upcoming urban centers, towns and cities the culture of joint families have been disappearing and is almost extinct in the urban areas and can be found in small amount in some of the rural areas of our country. As such the children of this generation grow up alone with limited family members. In the big cities, both the parents are mostly working so the children have to be left alone while they go to work. But it is not a safe thing to do even if they are with nannies or with their grandparents.

Crime is always increasing in our and it can reach to anyone of us and leaving a child alone with the elders and unknown people will not be a smart thing to do. So, we have to be very protective about it so that our children remain safe even in our absence. Nannies and maids will not give much importance to them as they will not feel the same affection as the parents do and if we leave them with their grandparents they will not be able to take enough care because of their old age ailments and all other things related to aged people. So, to make sure of your baby’s health and safety one can install cameras for it too.

The Spy Wireless camera in Delhi is being launched and your problem to leave your child alone will be solved if you install this camera. With this product you will be provided with a LCD screen through which you can see your child. Often it occurs that you work some other room and the baby sleeps in the bedroom and they fall from their bed but with this device you will be able to stop such incidents from occurring every now and then and it has also got built in microphone so that you can also listen to your baby.

This device consist of the night vision option which will enable you to see your baby even in the dark while it is sleeping as it will not get disturbed by the lights. So be in office while observing your baby and with addition to it you will also be able to keep an eye on the nanny or the maid who will be with the kid. The Spy wireless camera in India is made available in many markets and online stores because of its rising demands by the parents in the city as all the people especially the young parents who live in a metro city is feeling the real need as everyone is busy in the city life working.

So, the parents grab this Wireless Baby Monitor device and ensure safety and security around your child and become proud parents and recommend this to other parents too.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Buy World Smallest Video Camera in Delhi India

The World Smallest Camera One-Touch in all functions, Camera and Camcorder Work as a TF/Micro SD Flash Drive Easy to operate and Lightweight to carry Lens Cover Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.3 x 2.5 cm



* Pinhole Lens

* Image Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixel

* Color Video Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel

* FPS: 30 frames per second

* Image file format: JPEG

* Video file format: AVI (MJPG)

* Color Video and Audio

* Rechargeable Built-in Li-ion battery

* Card Type: TF/Micro SDHC Card

* Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 OS 10.4; Linux

* Press-and-Hold: 2-second to Switch ON, 4-second to Switch OFF

* Standby: Press Once to Take Photo

* Standby: Press-and-Hold 2-second to Record Video, Press Once to Stop Recording



1 piece The World Smallest Camera

1 piece Neckstrap

1 piece USB Charging Cable

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hidden Camera- Importance of Spy Pen Camera

Every day in newspapers, news channels we can see how much the crime scenes have increased in our city which has termed our city as crime capital of our country. Every household, every individual and every property are in danger in today’s time. We can’t always depend on the police to save us from any unknown danger instead we have to take our own safety measures to protect ourselves, our family and our property from any kind of theft or robbery.

Nowadays, with the increasing crime rate the hidden cameras are not only used by the spies but every common human being uses the hidden camera to protect themselves, their loved ones and their valuable property from the hands of the criminals. With the boon of science and technology, we now have Spy Pen Camera in Delhi also.

Delhi has witnesses the launch of the spy pen camera and instantly it is gaining popularity because of its mobility. You can carry it anywhere you want without the knowledge of anyone that it has a camera in it.
The spy pen camera has made many journalists overnight stars and they also win bravery awards and nobody can take the credit of the spy pen cameras which they use in their sting operations. And the good news is that the availability of Hidden Spy Camera in Delhi is increasing in various localities.

It is always better to remain alert about your safety and protection and beforehand we should prepare for the danger which may come our way. Nowadays, many offices, shops, showrooms use these kinds of spy pen cameras to protect their valuable objects. Nowadays we can’t trust anyone be it your employees or your own watchmen to whom you leave your many valued possessions, who knows who will break your trust which can be anyone in your office, shop or showroom. This becomes easy because we have Spy Pen Camera in India available for you 24*7.

If there are children in home it become more dangerous because you have to leave a nanny for your children and with it becomes more dangerous and risky as along with your property your children are also in danger as kidnappings of small kids are also increasing in our city. In today’s time every family is a nuclear family where both the partners work for their livelihood and as a result no one stays at home during the day which means there is always a danger of theft or robbery. To prevent all these kind of dangers we can use the spy pen camera which makes the work of the police department much easier to track them down as they can see the faces of the culprits which becomes an advantage for the police to nab them.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Spy Pen and Button Camera Best Device for Sting Operation

Sting operations are video recordings which are undertaken secretly so that the truth can be revealed publicly using hidden cameras. In a developing country like India, where there is lot of corruption in the country’s ruling where not only the politicians but the high ranked officials and various other government employees don’t work without accepting bribes and gifts and to nail them out the media is the only hope the common people have in order to take out these cancers of the society in front of the public so that there may be no hindrance towards the development of our country.

In order to carry out these sting operation, the most important thing the journalists and reporters require are spy cameras so that no one can doubt them otherwise it will be a risky and life threatening factor for them because corrupt people can go to any heights of immoral acts. So, the innovators are constantly working to take out more such devices and cameras which will help the reporters to work on sting operations and throw out the inefficient and corrupt people from the system.

So, there are two devices which have been continuously used by the journalists to perform these operations. One of them is the Spy Camera in India which has been in used in many such cases in order to reveal the truth or to take out the real face of a culprit. It is widely used all over the world because of its size and a pen is the most important possession which a reporter keeps with him so one even doubts that the pen of a reporter can be so tricky at times and as it remains in the shirt’s pocket it can easily capture its surroundings so that everything is clear in the video to prove the guilty.

Another device is the Spy Camera in Delhi which is even better designed for high profile sting operations as anything we wear there are buttons so one cannot stop anyone from wearing buttons which becomes a plus point for the reporters. And when worn with black clothes it becomes almost impossible to track it with a naked eye and as buttons are always in the front so it can record without any disturbances. Its HD recording ability will help it further to create crystal clear videos which will help the nation to have honest people working for it and the reporters will awarded for their breath taking reporting and courage. 


So, these devices are making a deep impact in the sting operations which is and will sweep the dirt in the corrupt system of our country as well as the other developing nation in Latin America and Africa which faces the same problems like Indian do.